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The whole guitar hero thing has gone way out of hands because quite frankly it’s dorkish, or maybe I just don’t get it. If you spent half the time you are playing guitar hero practicing real guitar, you have a good chance of actually making a musical career. Especially if you play for severan hours per day.That must have been the same thinking behind Guitar Rising, which have made a software that uses any real guitar and actually teaches you how to play songs. The thing with any guitar sounds a bit shaky, but most definetly you would be able to use .a huge number of guitars, from the Fender Telecaster to the Gibson Les Paul.

According to GameTank’s CEO Jake Parks the connection is done through a guitar-USB adapter, a microphone, or directly to the sound card. The software is going to be released for Mac and PC as well.

So the brilliant idea here is that besides the actual fun of playing, you actually learn how to play the tunes! There will be different difficulties for different tunes and the whole thing will be quite similar to guitar hero. In other words, actually sing, don’t pretend! Way to go! Here’s a demo.

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  1. KC Says:

    This is actually something I’d buy. I’ve been ragging my kid about this concept…. if you spent 1/2 as much time playing a real guitar… blah blah…
    I’ve been playing for around 30 years, I guess ( not pro, I just like to play ), and this, if it’s bona fide, will HAVE to be a smash hit with not only gamers, but players.
    Bring it on !!

  2. treescorpions Says:

    i disagree intirely all of those are crap minus the les paul and the flying v fender hasnt made a good guitar since 79. go kill yourself

  3. alex7ktrc Says:

    Nice buddy, sure Fender isn’t great but to each his own…

    Besides that, I think this game/project is a great idea. I think they should def soup it up and charge a little more. I’d rather have really good quality guitar lessons for more in the $50 range than something that I can rip through in no time.

    Either way, I’m very interested in the direction this software takes.

  4. Andrew Says:

    It’s just a side scrolling tab with a tuner checking all of your notes. Using this method has no way of checking if you are playing the exact same note on a different string, which could either mean you’ve figured out a better way to play it, or have screwed up badly.

    The upside is that because of the technology being used, you could plug in ANYTHING that could make those pitches (including keyboards and microphones), and if the notes were right, then it wouldn’t really be able to tell the difference, leaving for the easy possibility of expanding the software.

    The downside is that using something like this prevents you from learning much about music unless you are the kind of person that can piece together music theory based on what you’ve seen in other songs.

  5. mike Says:

    Really, no link to the original site? Here, let me help you with that.

  6. James Says:

    Nice post! Guitar Hero IS an absolute crock of shit, and I have been known to spit on the ‘tards that proclaim their guitar hero genius, before ramming my headstick up their anus and ripping out The Attitude Song. And yeah, that software sounds cool, I’d buy it :D

  7. Jared Says:

    I’ve found people that are typically sour towards people that play guitar hero are people that play real guitar and don’t get the fact that guitar hero is just a game. The vast majority of people that play it realise it’s nothing like playing the real guitar but here’s the kicker, it doesn’t take years of practice to get to a point where you can actually have fun with it.

  8. Desserts Says:

    So cute!! I have guitar hero, it rocks!!!

  9. NH Says:

    Its a game, buddy. Following your logic, you might as well tell somebody who likes to play something like Call of Duty ‘That’s not real war you know, you’d get so much more out of it if you spent all that time in the real military.’


    treescorpions, you make me sad. i’d like to state as a bass player my fender jaguar bass is amazing, and i love it ever so very much. just because you dont like fender guitars anymore doesnt mean they dont still make top quality guitars. clearly you’re a musical failure

  11. simon Says:

    its about freaking time somebody did this…
    i had this thought a while ago when i first downloaded guitar pro and had this strange feeling that maybe if you put it to the idea of guitar hero it’d be as catchy as the real deal…so i’m glad someone broke into my brain and took this idea…lol
    either way great minds think alike, and i’m stoked someone with game building knowledge did this
    on top of that

  12. Tommy Says:

    That looks/sounds very worthwhile! Cool! I’m glad I haven’t yet bought Guitar Hero.

  13. Ben Says:

    Wow what a completely idiotic statement!

    Maybe people play video games for fun, not to be the worlds greatest, most rockingist bassist that ever did live.

    Perhaps you should apply this logic to all video games. Yes, I am sure if I spent as much time jacking cars and shooting old ladies in real life, I’d make a pretty gosh darn good criminal.

  14. Joe Says:

    You know, your whole “If you spent half the time…” argument isn’t applicable. I don’t play Guitar Hero to make a career, nor do I play real guitar to make a career. I also practice guitar twice as much as I play Guitar Hero, and I haven’t made a penny yet. Tell me how to if you have.

  15. anon Says:

    I’m in the same boat as “Joe”. I own two guitars and I play Guitar Hero. Why? Because I like playing video games as much as I like playing guitar. The Guitar Hero haters seem to forget the fact that it’s a game, which is to be enjoyed for the fun of it. Not to mention that Guitar Hero battles with friends is a blast and cannot be duplicated on a real guitar. A beginner trying to play a guitar for the fist time quickly finds out that it is not nearly as gratifying as guitar-purists make it out to be. It takes lots and lots of dedicated work and practice. That’s not a bad thing, it’s just the way it is. Not everyone is naturally gifted at the guitar and some lack the coordination to successfully play anything other than a Weezer or Green Day song. [/rant]

  16. daysed Says:

    Flying V’s suck and Les Pauls are over rated and far to expensive for the chunk of wood you get. Strats are far more versatile! So treescorpions choke on you crap V’s

  17. Buddy Says:

    Hah. Here’s a site that is exactly what you’re talking about … converting fake guitar players to real ones. It’s hilarious

    dig it

  18. Dave Bull Says:

    I’ve been subscribed to their site for over a year now and we’re still waiting for there to be any news of the software actually surfacing in the real world.

    Perhaps if GameTank spent as much time developing the software as we spent drooling over the advert for it… 8-)>

  19. Thor Says:

    The concept of this game is kind of cool, yet it is basically another Guitar Hero game. This won’t really teach you how to play. Still cool though. Also, treescorpions. Telecasters are sick, Strats are awesome. Flying v guitars are ugly and the only real point of having one is to say “look, I’m metal”.

  20. Mikhale Balloc Says:

    This is wonderful, as someone who two years ago played guitar hero one, and NOW has been playing bass and electric guitar for a year and half, this excites me. I can’t wait for there to be contention between the real guitar players doing it ‘digitally’ and those remaining guitar hero plays who feel empowered by pressing five buttons. However, for those less militant…if you get sound enjoyment out of pushing 5 colored buttons, play on my friends!

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